Tulips are one of my absolute favorite motifs. For me there is a lot of poetry and beauty, as well as grace. The plant is most beautiful for me when it is about to become flimsy.
I often wait for this moment. I have seen tulips in the countries that I have travelled to very frequent.
Like Afghanistan, Iran, Tajikistan, as well as throughout the Caucasus and into the wild valleys of the Pamir.
Most of the time I go out in my garden to collect the tulips and arrange them afterwards in our studio.

It is always the things of everyday life that have a special appeal to me. When I travel, I always look for things around me that I can
then put together into a whole series of works. The bowl shown here is a storage container from Zimbabwe that is complemented by other items from the kitchen. However, each work must be viewed separately.

This series also illustrates foods that you usually don’t pay much attention to, as they are more or less common. Therefore, every object gets its own space. I never combine several different objects together.
However, exceptions also confirm the rule here. Like a vase with a flower. Harmony is always important to me.

Fabrics as a background play a central role in my work. I always use Japanese fabrics, sometimes from contemporary artists, but often also
old fabrics. Mostly older than 100 years. Or also brown Kakichibu fabric that is made especially for me in Japan. A craft that only a few
families can still master because the fabric is dyed by hand. The difficulty is the even toning. This type of colouring has been used
unchanged in Japan for more than 1000 years. The beautiful dark brown takes the hardness of the black glass and at the same time adds something to it.
This material also symbolizes the earth for me. Everything originates from it and everything becomes earth again some time.

Framing is also an important element of my work.
Most of the time, however, I choose a precisely coordinated black Eifel wood for my work, which is made exclusively for me.
When I discover a special frame for a project, I match the handmade frame to the still life which evolves in a unique combination.