A gift for eternity

A gift for eternity – an original portrait by Steffen Diemer

Take the opportunity and have yourself portrayed in the unique style of ambrotype. Every portrait is absolutely unique, on black high-quality opal glass. Made for eternity. I give you a short introduction to the wet plate collodion photography and explain the chemical processes. Thereby, our portrait sitting becomes a real experience for you and goes far beyond taking pictures. In the process, time is relative. This is why I take a lot of time for you! Thereby, you also have the opportunity to relax and we can create something more generations will take much pleasure in. For one portrait setting, I estimate 2 hours.

Make yourself a gift or give away an unforgettable experience for birthday, communion, Mother’s Day, Easter, graduation, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, wedding anniversary, company anniversary etc.

I would be happy to come to your company anniversary or your wedding in order to have you and your guests portrayed on this happy day.

You get the shot of the exposed glass plate all ready for hanging up.

I can portray you to a panel size of 13cm to 60cm. I work exclusively with black high-quality opal glass.
In order to discuss all the details, please just give me a call at: 015233700235.

Otherwise, I am also happy to receive your message. You will find my e-mail address when you click “Contact”.