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© Nicole Malek

© Nicole Malek

„Championship, is the patina that results from years of tireless polishing“  Tanizaki Jun’ichirō

Steffen Diemer (born, 1966 in Germany) has spent a lot of time in Japan, which has strongly influenced the aesthetic of his work and the techniques he is using. His experience as a photographer working in war and crisis areas  over four continents and countless countries, like Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Ethiopia, Somalia, to create stunning images for international renowned magazines, changed the way he looks at things.

His work spans conflicts, vanishing cultures, ancient traditions and contemporary culture alike

After being on the road for more than 20 years, in 2011 he decided to slow things down and give his photography a new meaning. He has now dedicated himself to the work with wet plate collodion photography, a process which was first used over 160 years ago. All the chemicals needed for the process he mixes himself and collects them from all over the world. For example the lavender oil from the south of France or the gum sandarac from the Moroccan Atlas Mountains. The image carrier is an especially for Steffen Diemer manufactured Goethe glass, which becomes light-sensitive through the use of pure silver.

As a result he creates unique art works with a very special feel and his unmistakable signature. For some time he has been experimenting with fabrics he uses instead of a passepartout like the Kakichibui fabric that simulates the cycle of life in his view.

The wet plate slows down his work in a dramatic way. Often the small, almost inconspicuous things are the ones that interest him most and for which he provides a stage through his photographs.

„My silver images have a unique aura with a virtually three-dimensional feel. I am fascinated by the vibration of the silver, the texture of the glass, and the rich black. I use a wide range of fabrics and other materials. They all serve a singular purpose: to give me far more parameters to play with the viewer’s imagination than a mere image. The texture, color, finishing, even the frame, of my work can provide the viewer with valuable information“

Art collections and museums in Germany, France, USA and many other countries have purchased his works. Steffen Diemer is partner artist of Canson Montgolfier, one of the oldest paper mills in the world and the inventor of photo paper.